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P. Terry Anderlini
Anne Ban
Vice President
Joycelyn Firenzi-Pine
Angelo Izzo
Board Members
Barbara Tyson-Cavallieri, Edward Battistini, Judge Joe Bergeron (Ret.), Kathy Flanagan, Michael Tognotti, Nella Conti, Paula Uccelli, Phyllis Tognotti, Sue Uccelli
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Angelo Fanucchi, Beverly Flinn, Frank Pitre, Greg Menna, Jack Matthews, John Bernat, Joy Morriss, Maria Fassio Pignati, Mario Conti, Marylene Notarianni, Pasquale Dianda, Richard Zaro, Sue Bertolozzi, Ted Hannig, Tina Gorran, Ugo Pignati
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Rudy Bertolozzi (1929-2021), Dan Monaco (1922-2007)
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