The Peninsula Social Club Foundation

The mission of the Peninsula Social Club foundation is to reward graduating high school seniors of Italian heritage who will be attending college

and have excelled in academics, demonstrated service to their community and school, and are proud of their Italian descent.


President Terry Anderlini

Vice President


Secretary Joycelyn Firenzi-Pine

Treasurer Angelo Izzo


Anne Ban

Ed Battistini Joseph Giordano

Tina Gorran

Marylene Notarianni

George Riley

Paula Uccelli



Dan Monaco 1922-2007

Barbara J. Murray 1931-2016

Have you considered making a Tax Deductible contribution to the PSCF Scholarship Foundation?

Has a loved one passed away, or do you have a notable birthday or anniversary coming up?

These are ideal occasions to request a donation made to the Scholarship Foundation

in that person’s honor, in-lieu of sending flowers or a gift!

Memorial Donation forms can be printed from this link: Donation form

Many employers will MATCH your charitable contributions; check with your company's

human resources or payroll department to see whether it offers a matching gift program.


Uccelli Foundation

Murray Family

Memorial donations were made in Honor of:

Diane Bacigalupi by Sue and Rudy Bertolozzi

Caterina Pratali by Joseph and Marjorie Giordano

Leno Freschet by Rudy and Sue Bertolozzi

Juliette L Giannini by Joseph and Marjorie Giordano

Bat Cava by Rudy and Sue Bertolozzi

Mariano Ferlizza by Daniel Ferlizza

Ed Galli by Eric Anderson

Ed Galli by Dona and Robert Wilson

Dino Cavalieri by Barbara Tyson-Cavalieri

Athina Manis by Tina and Robert Gorran

Bedros Kaprielian by Jonathan and Mary Gaule

Irene O'Connell by Barbara and Jerry Pierce

Isabelle Laxague by Sandra and Norman Bennett

Maria Paganini by Joycelyn Firenzi and James Pine

Marco Giovanni Michelaro by Louis G. Allsopp

Lorraine Rinaldi by Sue and Rudy Bertolozzi

Donald Larsen by Rudy and Sue Bertolozzi

Egisto Fanti by Barbara and Larry Leusing, Trudy and Robert Vinal, Luigi and Marilyn Duri, Rudy and Sue Bertolozzi, Joan Daly, Randall and Patricia Ward & Family, Judy and Joseph Coli & Family, Michel Coli & Family

Joe Davi by Mike and Peggy Allen, David and Janet Apostolo, Delores and Sam Balestieri, Barry and Kristen Coe, Ann Foppiano, Philip and Eileen Garnin, Mary and Dana Menicucci, Joanne Nelson, Richard and Diane Pasquini, Mary Ann and Robert Utz, The Poker Boys and Bunko Babes


PIASC 100 N. B Street, San Mateo, CA 94401